Saturday, May 3, 2008

Memorial to Slavery in the United States - University of Minnesota

Memorial to Slavery in the United States

Britton Chambers - University of Minnesota

Architecture as Social Commentary: The objective of this project is to create a building that preserves the memory of a culture which, for over two hundred years, faced immeasurable oppression, torture, and murder. We, as Americans and even more as human beings, are responsible for the actions of our past and must make every effort possible to amend or apologize for the actions of our country. Slavery is an issue that pertains to all of humanity and its importance far outweighs any cultural or social difference. African Americans share a different understanding of our history, however slavery is a part of our global history as human beings. It can and should be addressed by all people.

I feel that the greatest power of a memorial is its ability to educate current and future generations of people of man’s inhumanity to man. The lessons learned from this memorial may guide future generations away from the atrocities of the past and promote a more peaceful approach to embracing our differences and understanding our similarities. This memorial will not take away the pain and sorrow endured by slaves. However, my hope is that this project will help in ameliorating one part of a much greater issue.

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Shutes Folly Island

Axon View of Building

Beach Landing onto Island

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Transitional Courtyard


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Research & Genealogy Center

Screen Detail

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