Tuesday, January 13, 2009

T-Project by Y.Tohme Architects

Within a huge existing pine forest environment, T-project is a villa situated on a considerably sloping rocky site naturally leveled framing a superb perspective of green mountains and Beirut city scape. The Villa communicates explicitly with this described natural context kept intact. Our intervention took into consideration the immediate context and the client as primordial elements contributing in the creation of diverse spatial agendas concerning the identity of the overall project image. It is simple and monumental externally complex and organic internally creating quite an interesting contrast. As a result, the intervention produces a duality between the external & the internal discovery of the created moments. A minimal architectural Impact is experienced on the terraced roof structure highlighting mostly the power of inhabiting nature and overlooking Beirut’s horizons. On the other side an internal organic flow of planes valorize exposed main functions through several instances of nature appropriation: a pool, a patio perforate the habitable roof towards its interiors .The villa is an ongoing promenade of space discovery due to the multiple functionality of its planes: The roof and the slab planes are commonly a terrace, a pool, a patio, a garden, a room, a lived moment …This multi sided functional aspect led us to a simple intervention by using only two planes sometimes freestanding clearly triggering a conscious spatial empowerment where we become aware of the villa’s presence on site and some other times leaving the space free to disappear between the rocky site levels and its trees.
As a result the villa has only one glass façade expanding on 50m length reminding us of natural caves where the inhabitant lives a cycle of safety and threat . The abundant southern sunlight allows the planes to float highlighting at a time the power of the built through the power of nature. Actually the villa is in a state of chronic marriage renewal within its context.

T-Project execution will start in May 2009.”
Y.Tohme Architects

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