Sunday, May 3, 2009

I am not a “3D Guy”.

THIS MADE ME LAUGH...There are days when I can certainly relate to this...

An open letter to anyone introducing me at events, client calls, industry parties or the likes:

To whom it may concern,

Please do not ever again refer to us as “3D guys, THE 3D guy” or the particularly nauseating “3D Guru”. It’s dismissive, degrading, and just sounds fucking dumb. Those titles always seem to be delivered with a subliminal dismissive tone that insinuates that when these robots speak you probably wont understand a single word they say, so if your smart you’ll tune them out. It’s like your buddies are over and your Mom is making you include your noisy little brat brother. “Mom says, we have to include Bobby”. Well fuck that, we are designers/artists that just so happen to be able to work in one additional dimension. Besides, we aren’t anyone’s “guy’s” and some of us might not even be guys (although lets be honest, that is rare). Oh John, he’s our 3D guy, he’s a faceless, nameless vessel of indecipherable techno-garble, there is no way he could be creative. He doesn’t even look like a Jonas Brother.

Why is it that 3D artists/designers get the prefix of “3D”, yet 2D designers are simply, “designers”? Wouldn’t this insinuate that somehow the 3D designer is limited in some fashion? As if he is only capable of designing in 3D? Well most of you that read this blog know this to be the exact opposite. In fact, it is the simply named “designers” that are in fact limited to mainly two dimensions or the occasional 2.5D. Interesting huh? I believe there is an inevitable trend growing that will unite us all. More and more 2D artists/designers are picking up 3D and it is my hope that we will all shed the prefix of a dimension and become simply Aritsts/Designers.

So please drop those phrases from your vocab. Unless you plan on referring to everyone with the postfix of “guys”. Like here’s Stan our 2D guy, over there is Hank, he’s our Producer guy, and way back there is Russ our Janitor guy. We are not action figures.


Artists/Designers who happen to be good at 3D

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Anonymous said...

Good point friend. My job title is junior architect but I do mostly drafting and 3d renderings. The only reason I am good at what I do is to show my boss I pick things up fast. I was hoping he'll give me something new I can do and learn. As of now, I feel like I'm being pigeon holed in to the guy people to pick up drawings and do renderings. Sad thing is, I'm seeing other co-worker who aren't as dedicated at what they do getting these opportunities I look for.
I shouldn't fret too much. In the future when I get to be a project manager, associates, and/or principal, I definitely the way they treat people.

Unknown said...

hoooo man, include architects on that one........
great blog btw. cheers!!

tchouah said...

You're absoluty right 3d guy !

jon said...

So true,
I have a design degree, studied for 5 years, and 10 years experience in the design industry but recently I have been labelled as "just a 3d technician,cad monkey blah blah blah" by a bunch of useless fucking fine artists-turned-graphic designers and architect dinosaurs.
I don't mind the architects, at least they know something, but it is the fine artists that have bought a mac and so call themselves graphic designers that piss me off. I honestly believe fine artists have no place in a design studio. Owning a mac does not make you a designer, if you have no creative talent it just makes you an idiot that's wasted money on an expensive computer. I cannot count the times I have been handed an artists scribble that is alledgedly "a concept" that I have then designed, modelled, rendered and specified for manufacture only for the "designer" to then refer to me as "the guy who did the technical stuff".