Thursday, June 4, 2009

KLAUS: Cartooning the GSD

Take some time to look over these hilarious cartoon interpretations of life at the GSD. I absolutely love his candid depiction of the typical GSD bullshit. Can't wait to see more.

About the Blog...

KLAUS was born somewhere in the North of Spain at some point in the mid seventies. For some years, he suffered from a syndrome called architecture, from which he has not yet recovered. Showing an early passion for drawing, he was introduced to comic books at a young age by his family and educators, to their later regret. As an illustrator, Klaus has always believed in the importance of having a distinctive style, which explains why he has been systematically copying the styles of the most distinctive comics artists, such as André Franquín. Only his complete lack of success in doing so has prevented him from being effectively sued for plagiarism. Klaus’s works in this blog show a clear improvement in this sense.

I mean, this time he will be sued for sure.

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