Sunday, September 6, 2009

Yoshiharu Tsukamoto Interview / Atelier Bow-Wow / Part 1

Interview with Japanese Architect Yoshiharu Tsukamoto [1965-] principal of Atelier Bow-Wow since 1992, along with partner and wife Momoyo Kaijima [1969-]. He graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology after working several years at Kazunari Sakamoto Architectural Laboratory and has been teaching there since 2000.

Tsukamoto may be the closest figure to american academy in the scene leaded by Toyo Ito -because of his outspoken attitude and theoretical ambition- yet continuing the deleuzian approach inaugurated by Kazuo Shinohara during the Metabolist days. He and Kaijima produced a substantial body of work before presenting themselves to the international scene, with friendly research-based publications like Made in Tokyo [2001] and Pet Architecture Guidebook [2001]. So far, they ‘ve been living out of the expenses of those old days and have been trying to reinvent themselves with books/exhibitons like Graphic Anatomy [2007] or lately with Void Metabolism [presented in 2008 as a proposal for The Great Pyramid competition called by Rem Koolhaas].

In this first chapter, Tsukamoto speaks about his long-standing relationship with his alma mater, Tokyo Tech -the years when Shinohara was still around, Sakamoto and how he end up collaborating with Ito and Sejima. Afterwards he explans how this whole scene of Tokyo architects is very close -in professional terms but also in personal ones- and also how his work differs from Tezuka Architects‘ also delightful approach.

All material was produced by 0300TV

Recorded Jun 2008
Interview by Diego Grass P.
Transcripted by Stephanie Fell C.
Edited by Macarena Guajardo M.
Music by Matías Aguayo
Posted by Diego Grass P.


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