Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thermal Baths of San Pellegrino by Dominique Perrault

"Our proposal presents a city plan for a new area. The urban strategy organizes two types of projects, an exceptional project and a contextual one. The urban plan develops and completes the existing city street network in order to create a new quarter. The territory dimension has been transformed, restructured and has become the focus of a master plan reflection which will create a group of streets, places and building islets in harmony with the surrounding environment. An exceptional architecture building will emerge out of this city plan corresponding on the one hand to the Grand Hotel and on the other hand to the casino. Thus, three main buildings will appear in the landscape, all related with different periods of time. This new building will transform the city skyline as prominently as the Grand hotel and the Casino once did. Preserving this fabulous context, a specific architecture is added, but in relation with those ones which have put an impact on the city history."

"This project is in line with the site geography, both supported by the mountains and rooted in the casino park. We developed, extended and amplified the casino huge belvedere terrace to link the past with the future. It’s the matter of a new park, overhanging the valley and harmonizing difference and diversity of architecture. The architectural concept draws inspiration from surrounding nature and mountain landscape by creating huge chaotic stone blocks, like a mass of fallen rocks. This spontaneous and free architecture seems to be natural because it refers to parts of known landscapes. Like fragments or crystals on a rock, the windows are inlaid in the stone rocks. It’s not a normal glazing, but rather modern like to be found in sacred architecture. Thus, the interior is filled with a colorful light which will bring mildness within the thermal baths, a place of wellness and contemplation. This interior poetry makes a contrast with the natural violence of rock slides which are in harmony with the mountain slope and the park.”

-Dominique Perrault

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