Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The elaboration strategy of the project was to think to an architecture that can:
- define the drawing of the esplanade
- give an image and a new symbol for the city
- become integrated into the existing context, rich in style and language without perturbing the synergy
- Bring a new definition of the spaces for sport.

The public spaces: the esplanade and the square
The orthogonal imprint of the building is parallel to the facades of the school and the city hall and allows to re-qualify and to value the urban spaces. The treatment of the esplanade, by the insertion of steel plates, indicates the entrances of the diverse constructions and the new gymnasium.

Architectural sign: balance and magic
The choice of the copper cover for facing was dictated by the envy to give to the object a precious and elegant character, being able to become integrated without contrast into the vocabularies of the two churches, the school and into that of the city hall. The facing treatment aims at reflecting the buildings of the esplanade, so disturbing the perception of the gymnasium and duplicating the facades of the others construction.

So the gymnasium allows ordering spaces, but its facing come to create an ambiguity emptying the building of its materialism until remove it.

Every time the reflection awakens the curiosity by letting suspect a new facade.

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