Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Making of Photosynth

The Making of Photosynth from Nathanael Lawrence on Vimeo.

The video above looks at the making of Photosynth, its informative and provides a glimpse of where Photosynth is going.

In truth we are simply at the beginning of being able to take crowd sourced or self taken imagery and automatically construct scenes, it is without question however an exciting beginning.

We have a feeling that in a few years time we will be explaining to our students that to create a 3D building we used to actually manually draw in the polygons, line by line, window by window and door by door.

We are close to it all becoming automatic and while we may miss the 'hand made approach' and indeed the argument is about to start that there will always be a role of 'hand made' digital architecture, we think its only a few years off becoming automated.

In the same way that Google Earth/Google Maps changed the field of GIS, the technologies behind Photosynth maybe about to change the world of architectural visualization.

via: Digital Urban

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