Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wouldn't It Be Nice…

Dot Dot Dot is an arts journal published by Dexter Sinister, a collective working from New York. In recent years the biannual journal's form and content has been influenced by the specific context of its production.

Over three evenings content for Dot Dot Dot issue 17 will be articulated 'live', through dialog, talks and visual presentations from contributors including James Goggin, Jennifer Higgie, Will Holder, Richard Hollis and Dan Fox. The idea is to ‘speak’ the issue in advance of it's printed version, and the various forms of presentation will directly inform their various modes of graphic and linguistic translation. The resultant publication will be available from Somerset House Embankment Galleries at the end of the exhibition Wouldn't It Be Nice…

Tickets are £5 for each night with a £1 bar .

For more information and tickets please go to

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