Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Freitag_Cohesive Design

Upon my recent visit to Switzerland, I had to include a post about my recent purchase. The company FREITAG makes various products out of recycled materials, a great idea in addition to great products. Check out there website, if you don't like the products, you can't deny the sweet graphics.

FREITAG products are made from original recycled materials – used truck tarps, used car seat belts, used air bags and used bicycle inner tubes. Because the materials are tough, the products are too. Because we’re Swiss, our quality standards are too. And because it is made from an original piece of tarp, every single FREITAG product has its own, individual design.

The standard 20-foot shipping container was chosen as the basic building block for the construction of an asymmetric tower of 9 containers rising from a 4 x 2 base. Set back from the road, the structural shell of the building emphasizes the size of the adjacent brownfield site. The base is used as a sales outlet, while the tower has become a striking landmark between two main i
nternational transportation routes. The circle, from product to building to product, is complete."

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