Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The New Capital by Scape

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Project Architects: Francis Soler : Scape

The project for the new Capitol, located in the area between the Circonvallazione Ostiense and the beam of tracks of Ostiense Station aims at defining new polarity urban characterized by a system of physical connections, functional and perceptive that, at different scales, allow internal relations, relations with tissues and the surrounding urban functions, the draft proposes the formation of a complex urban-building unit that integrates the monumental dimension of space with that of machine-efficient, reinterpreting the language of the urban landscape Part of this industrial city in the integration of forms chimney-gasometer.

A large park, the proportion of the city, is the connective tissue that binds together the existing and the new civic center. On this level green are the places, access routes and open to cities and citizens, in a sequence of spaces and dilated monumental squares, compressed and vertical between the towers of offices, opaque materials (cement, travertine, vegetation ) And transparent (glass), views, views and perspectives downward and upward. The spaces symbolic and representative of the new House of urban citizens share, shall counterpart squares and spaces underground from which you access to different functions and activities that characterize the Capitol Two (municipal offices, public services district).

The overlap of the two levels allows forms, ways and different times of enjoyment and participation of the spaces of the new civic center from citizens and users, ensuring that freedom, slowness and enjoyment of urban places, and functionality, speed and efficiency of administrative activities and service. The towers of the new municipal departments involved with their forms to put report spatial and perceptual the two levels, unifying image of the new urban complex.

The solution to emerge from the horizontal plane of the park through the towers circles transparent and deal with the external surface of the towers themselves by applying even in this case, a transparent skin represents the will to implement the objectives of participation and administrative transparency, allowing citizens through the park and can look "inside" his new house.

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