Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Video of Frank Barkow at the Architecture League

Frank Barkow and Regine Leibinger founded the Berlin based practice Barkow Leibinger Architects in 1993. Characterized by the interaction of practice, research, and teaching, the firm’s “interdisciplinary, discursive attitude allows its work to expand and respond to advancing knowledge and technology.” Pursuing their interest in digitally tooled material, Barkow Leibinger’s recent research projects investigate revolving lasercutting and CNC-cut translucent concrete formwork with an application to facade systems, pre-cast concrete, and ceramic elements.

These excerpts from Frank Barkow’s April 11, 2008 lecture at the Urban Center in New York City include a brief history of the firm, and a discussion of the use of revolving lasercutting, particularly in relation to the Gatehouse project in Stuttgart, Germany.

Current Work is the Architectural League’s annual series of lectures by leading figures in the worlds of architecture, urbanism, design, and art.

Running time: 23 minutes, 7 seconds

(via: The Architecture League)

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