Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ornamentation of the Sfera Building by CKR

I came across this building recently and fell in love with the intricate design and detailing of the titanium metal panels. To me, the screen resembles a modern interpretation of the ornamental detailing done by American architect Louis Sullivan or French architect Hector Guimard. One of the most powerful elements of the building is how its monolithic facade dematerializes when backlit at night.

Louis Sullivan

Hector Guimard

The architects Claesson Koivisto Rune wanted the facade of the building to speak to the traditional Japanese rice paper screens, whereby diffuse light migrates deep into the building. According to the architects, the pattern for the facade was designed around the leaves of a cherry tree.

For more about architectural ornamentation read Re-sampling Ornament: Swiss Architecture Museum in Basel


Jack said...

I have always loved the functionality and look of the Japanese paper screens, and I only love the perforated clad screens they have evolved into using even more. I have seen some Japanese residences utilizing them here and there for the past few years, and other non-residential use like Herzog & de Meuron on the de Young museum or the CaixaForum.

Hopefully I am always glad to see another facade done in this fashion, I hate to see things like this over done. Thanks for the posts on modern ornamentation!

Also, the pattern inspiration from cherry trees reminds me of Andrew Maynard's Tattoo House!

Anonymous said...

Good Job! :)